On May 9, 2011 Dee's ministry at Berea First Baptist Church came to an end and our family began the "Unexpected Adventure" of building a bridge to a new future. Through this blog, we invite you to share this journey with us.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Father's Day Gift

My Father's Day gifts came early this year.  My children, Elizabeth, Josh, and Andrew have made me very proud through the character they've demonstrated and the support they've given me during this time of transition.  I felt guilty having to tell my children that the church I had served for twelve years, the church where they spent some very formative years, had turned its back on me.  I worried that my children might hate the church instead of loving the church.  I feared that they might see their dad as a failure. 

They've made me proud.  Each of them, in his or her own way, has given me a very precious kind of support and encouragement.  Andrew even had a verbal showdown with a not-so-friendly Facebook friend (don't start a war of words with Andrew!).  My children didn't ask for or deserve this test, but all three of them have passed with flying colors.  Elizabeth....Josh....Andrew, I know that being my children has not been easy lately.  But I want you to know that there's never been a time when I've been more proud to be your dad. 

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