On May 9, 2011 Dee's ministry at Berea First Baptist Church came to an end and our family began the "Unexpected Adventure" of building a bridge to a new future. Through this blog, we invite you to share this journey with us.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Holy Mission

I'm in Monetta, SC this week leading revival services at Bethel Baptist Church, the church my son-in-law, Josh Davison, leads as pastor.  During the day, I'm keeping my grandson so that his mom and dad can go to work (and leave us alone!).  I've told folks that I've come to Monetta on a holy mission, and that I'm preaching too!  Spending time with family and with dear Christians seeking to renew their walk with Christ has already been a renewal experience for me.  Last night, as I preached, Liam heard my voice and decided that the time had come for us to talk.  So....for most of the rest of my message, I had a "hey" and "oh" corner (sort of like an Amen corner).  Some days I preach pretty well, but I can't compete with the voice of an angel.  My only complaint is that I was the only guy in the building who didn't get to be quiet and listen to Liam.  This may be an example of God speaking in spite of the sermon.  In any case, I'm looking forward to the rest of the week.