On May 9, 2011 Dee's ministry at Berea First Baptist Church came to an end and our family began the "Unexpected Adventure" of building a bridge to a new future. Through this blog, we invite you to share this journey with us.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Life to Remember and Celebrate

The world takes notice when a person lives for ninety-five years.  When Emily Edwards was born, Woodrow Wilson was President of the United States.  She saw sixteen more presidents after him.  A year before she was born, the union had only 46 states.  She came into the world a decade after the Wright brothers made their first flight and she lived for decades after men walked on the moon.  

We could say a great deal about the changes that Emily saw in her lifetime, but what makes her life a shining example and a heartfelt treasure is what did not change--her character, her faith, her love of life.  We give thanks today for the many years of her life, but even more for the abundant life of her years.  We won’t remember how old Emily was as much as we will remember how amazing she was.  She shaped our hearts.  She changed the world.  

I thank God for my precious friend. 

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